Independent Medical Examinations

Clear. Comprehensive. Objective.

A Clarus Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)

A Clarus IME is an impartial medical examination requested in Workers’ Compensation or Personal Injury matters. It may be requested by a state workers’ compensation department/fund, self-insured employer, or attorney to answer medical questions about a claim.  A causation analysis and/or impairment rating may be included in the IME. The completion of an accurate IME or impairment rating requires considerable medical knowledge, understanding of specialized terms, and mastery of skills that many private medical practitioners do not possess or are unwilling to obtain.

Why Request An IME?

  • To establish a correct diagnosis. Prior diagnoses completed by a treating provider may be controversial, ill-defined or based upon outdated medical evidence.

  • To determine causation. Is the claimed injury the cause of the Claimant’s complaints?

  • Were there any pre-existing conditions and if so, did the injury cause an exacerbation of those conditions?

  • To help facilitate case closure. Cases languishing for an extended period of time often become confusing and complex. 

  • A Clarus IME can aid in determining what treatment is appropriate and whether the previous treatment has been effective or why the Claimant’s recovery is delayed.

  • A Clarus IME can provide an evidence-based assessment of past treatment and recommendations for future treatment.

  • To aid in determining whether or not proposed surgery is warranted.

  • To help in establishing whether the Claimant’s injury has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI).

  • To help to determine the worker’s ability to return to work and whether any work restrictions are warranted.

  • Rating of permanent impairment. If requested, a Clarus IME can determine the extent of total body impairment, the loss of bodily function, or when MMI has been reached. The rating may be based upon the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment or the applicable standard for the jurisdiction having control over the matter.

  • Aid in determining whether a claim should be reopened. A Clarus IME can determine whether a claimed injury has worsened and if the reopening of the claim would benefit the Claimant by allowing them to receive additional treatment.

  • In the case of litigation, an IME can assist in damage determination.

Our Process

After a Clarus IME is requested, Clarus works with the Requestor to select one of our highly-qualified independent experts. Clarus, if requested, will obtain relevant medical records and/or other relevant information so the selected expert can review and familiarize themselves with the incident. The selected provider will conduct a physical examination of the Claimant, obtain a relevant history and complete a detailed

In some jurisdictions, Clarus may be required to provide a copy of the IME report directly to the Claimant.